Many Crosses


Completed: February, 2013
Image size: 27″ x 36″
Edition Size: 50 Prints
Media: Giclee Fine Art Print
on Archival Canvas with Gallery Wrap


Artist Notes:

The idea for Many Crosses came to me during the election season of 2012. I had been working to create posters supporting California’s Proposition 34, and I began to consider how common crucifixion had been as a form of the death penalty in Jesus’ time. It was not reserved only for Jesus, but used as a public display of power and authority to oppress the people.

I imagined crosses, spanning over hills into the far horizon, each one representing a life taken. Some of the crucified have loved ones to comfort them, others are alone. Guards, in suits of armor, carry spears as they watch over the condemned.

I made this artwork as a prayer for the end of the death penalty.